Identity documents

Use case

Having the identity of a person allows to automatically determine if the person has the right to access a place or if the minimum required age is valid. It can also help to prefill a form (e.g. a survey) on a tablet or a smartphone.

  • We are supporting the documents that follow the International Civil Aviation Organization standards (ICAO 9303). This means a lot of passports and ID cards in the world
  • For some other types of document (e.g. Swiss driving license) we tailored dedicated solutions
  • If you are interested in other identity documents not yet present in the app, please get in touch. We can extend the range of our supported IDs
  • Additionally, we are now also able to read NFC passports on iOS and Android (trial version available upon request)

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  • Get all information provided by the card (Nationality, surname, given name, date of birth, gender, document ID, document expiration date)
  • Developped in native C++ for robust, fast and thread-safe integration
  • Carefully tested and profiled to ensure a low memory pressure and best performance
  • Works on the main mobile platforms of the market

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