Swiss inpayment slips

Use case

The reference number, the account and the amount are a lot of information painful to enter in his e-banking system and errors are frequent. Thanks to our decoder, you can handle easily the scan of an inpayment slip in a banking application so that all required fields are already filled and ready to be processed to pay.

  • All swiss inpayment slips (red and orange)

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  • Get the information from the MRZ (account, amount, reference, type)
  • Developped in native C++ for robust, fast and thread-safe integration
  • Carefully tested and profiled to ensure a low memory pressure and best performance
  • Works on the main mobile plateforms of the market
    • ≥ iOS 5, compatible with all iOS devices with a camera
    • ≥ Android 2.2, compatible with all Android devices with a camera


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